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 The Owner of McKnight Homes, Patrick McKnight Is a licensed home inspector with  years of experience in inspections and the added benefit of being a licensed contractor with 14 years of experience in every aspect of building and construction. 


We utilize the latest technology such as flir vision which is the leading in thermal imaging. We are able to look behind your walls to see air leaks and potential moisture intrusion.


Just walking through your house using thermal imaging can give you a indepth  look at where you are potentially spending hundreds in heating and cooling bills where it could be easily remedied with either insulation or simple fixes.


Sometimes what you cant see could be a major deal. Thermal imaging lets us see leaks under and behind the walls due to the contrast of cold water and the ambient temperature inside.


As a professional in the trades for over a decade i have heard horror stories of inspections gone bad where inspectors have missed or overlooked major defects on properties which inturn cost thousands of dollars. my guarantee is to make sure your property is gone over with a fine tooth comb and to make sure you go into your purchase with good faith and that you are enabled with each and every detail on your potential new home purchase.